Devau Human Resources

Our Team


Devau Human Resources has been providing innovative, efficient, and affordable human resource and personnel services in the valley since 1984

We are a family owned business which has always endeavored to keep our costs low while providing unequalled service so that we can pass our savings on to our clients. In an increasingly impersonal and automated business climate DevauHR continues to set itself apart with our sincere desire to serve and understand the needs of our clients. From our friendly, veteran staff members who will happily assist you by phone or email to our simple, upsell free pricing we give our clients the stability they need to really focus on the important decisions regarding their unique business operations.


Layne Wilkey Lutey

Owner and Co-founder of Devau Human Resources.

Our family owned business was built on the vision that "People Serving People" is how we all succeed together. In this fast paced business world, many promises are made but not always kept. At Devau, we keep in mind the same "White Glove Approach" with both our clients and our employees as we did the day we opened the doors in 1984. Steering Devau to keep the vision, maintain the quality and care, while innovating and growing is my primary focus. 

Anastasia Adrian

Our COO, Anastasia Adrian, is well known to any of those who have had the pleasure of making her acquaintance. With her background being primarily in finance and bookkeeping she makes sure that the payroll and record-keeping of our company remain smooth and efficient. She has been employed at DevauHR for more than 10 years and is extremely familiar with all aspects of the company. She is capable of performing any task, from our most cursory, to all aspects of our CEO's except, of course, key signatory duties. 

Tomi File

Our dedicated payroll processor, Tomi File, has been in charge of payroll for the last four years and is extremely familiar with the needs of our clients. Her background as a payroll processing specialist allows her to accurately and quickly process payrolls, even if last minute changes are required. Tomi also keeps our accounts receivables up to date in order to allow our clients to know where payment totals stand for accurate accounting.

Jasmine Plett

Our chief recruiter, Jasmine Plett, is the newest member of our team and has served at DevauHR since 2014. She manages all of our recruitment resources and is capable of finding and hiring personnel rapidly. Jasmine is the most mobile member of our team and thanks to her expert interviewing skills and a tireless dedication to collecting paperwork, wherever it may be, she can get necessary staff hired as quickly as possible and assigned to the requisitioned position. While based at our Tempe office on Lakeshore drive, she is consistently attending to the legwork that staffing requires throughout our growing metro area.

Devin Wilkey

Our new President and CEO of DevauHR is Devin Wilkey, son of our founder the late Terry Wilkey. Devin Wilkey has been working for Devau under his father Terry since childhood in various capacities and thus has come to understand the nature of staffing and employment very well. Devin was a payroll processor and risk management specialist to begin with but he has been familiarized with every aspect of the business during his 17-year tenure with his family business. Even more than capability, he endeavors to continue his father's humble tradition of truly sincere and excellent service to both our valued clients and employees